Operating a diverse fleet of aircraft, Coral Coast Helicopter Services are capable of conducting various Commercial Assignments. All operations are undertaken with the highest safety standards and in accordance with all CASA Regulations.

Aircraft are equipped with Australian Map Grid, Global Positioning Systems or Digital Positioning Systems. Satellite phones and High Frequency radios allow for immediate communications with head office for maintenance queries and aircraft safety.

From the initial enquiry to project completion, Coral Coast Helicopter Services will provide ongoing assistance and keep the client informed throughout the entire process.

With the advantage of drawing from such a vast knowledge base due to experience in a variety of Charter Operations, Coral Coast Helicopter Services can ensure a clear and innovative approach every time, thus reducing the bottom line.

Geological Surveying or remote sensing imagery such as infrared, gamma, or ultraviolet capture, can provide an aerial mapping solution that combines high precision and cost effectiveness.

Aerial mapping can provide a wealth of information that is not possible from the ground. Coral Coast Helicopters can offer aerial solutions to complement many operations including some of the following tasks:

The use and versatility of a helicopter in remote locations is second to none. Not many craft enable this flexibility for remote area operations. Being able to land and operate in some of Australia’s harshest and isolated locations with minimal requirements will not only allow production targets to be met, but also budgetary guidelines.

Coral Coast Helicopter Services  is constantly “thinking outside the square” to deliver innovative options for our clients. With an impeccable safety history and a “can do” attitude, Coral Coast Helicopters can achieve remarkable results in any environment or situation. Let our experience and expertise guide your operation.

Aerial Stock Mustering

Aerial stock mustering, is our bread-and-butter here at Coral Coast Helicopter Services.

We pride ourselves on our low-stress stock handling practices as well as our ability to get amongst it with feral cattle.

Coral Coast Helicopters has extensive experience mustering cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys. We only offer skilled stockmen for these particular tasks to ensure successful outcomes each and every time.

Feral animal control programmes including Aerial Baiting and Aerial Shooting have been a passion of ours for many years.  Here at Coral Coast Helicopter Services we understand the real importance of pest management and land conservation, issues which must be addressed in a professional manner.

Coral Coast Helicopter Services has extensive experience in wildlife control and culling programs and we offer skilled pilots to ensure an efficient and effective service in all environments.

Utilizing the Helicopter is an ideal platform for Powerline Inspections. Coral Coast Helicopter Services is able to conduct all operations pertaining to powerline inspection.

The creation of new powerline assets can be a time consuming and labour intensive project. Incorporating helicopter services into the workload enables a quicker, safer and therefore more cost effective process. Coral Coast Helicopter’s experienced personnel work with the ground team, consulting at all levels of the operation.

The ability to understand and interpret the photographer’s needs and to cover angles quickly and safely is inherent in our pilot’s abilities.

Coral Coast Helicopter Services specialises in aerial image capture of high impact, adrenalin pumping events Australia wide. Our Chief Pilot will position you and your media equipment as close to the action as possible allowing you to capture from the best vantage point possible.

The helicopter proves to be a versatile and invaluable work horse unparalleled by any other machine within the realm of vertical reference work. In the field of aerial sling loading and lifting, Coral Coast Helicopters can offer a range of helicopters suited to the job.

Whether it be aerial crane work, precision lifting and placement, tower work, construction assistance, high altitude or remote shifting jobs, Coral Coast Helicopters can improve cost effectiveness, time management, job precision and safety.

Tender consultancy, Safety Systems Programs, Ground Support Crew and Equipment Provisions enable a complete approach to any assignment.